Project management

Project planning and management, ensuring compliance with contractual, legal and regulatory requirements.
Compliance with project timetable through the adequacy of staff and available resources, within the budget.
Identification, mitigation and risk management with immediate problem solving and seize the opportunities.
Proactive dissemination of project information to all stakeholders.
Acquisition and systematic analysis of well-defined indicators and metrics that allow to measure performance and optimize resources, through a preventive and corrective vision of the project processes.

Site management

Full project execution ensuring compliance with contractual, legal and regulatory requirements.
Maintenance of high quality standards in the services provided throughout the entire project lifecycle.
Reporting procedures and daily communication practice.


Operational management of the technical teams ensuring compliance with the environment and health & safety standards.
Support and monitoring of the work teams to guarantee compliance with work plans and technical instructions.
Ensure appropriate use of available tools, equipment and other resources.
Provide technical support to the assembly teams.
Preparation and checking of the project documentation.


Preventive and corrective maintenance of wind turbines.
Performance in accordance with manufacturers' technical instructions.
Compliance with best environmental and occupational safety practices.


Upgrade and retrofit of wind turbines according to our Client's instructions.
Replacement of components.
Dismantling and removal of the wind turbine structures.
Other associated services.

Mechanical and electrical assembly

Mechanical and electrical installation of wind turbines.
Provision of specialized multi-brand teams and individual monitoring, according to the Client's requirements.
Close collaboration with our Client to achieve and exceed the defined goals during project execution.

Quality Inspections

Conduct of quality inspections ensuring that all Client's requirements are met.
Systematic awareness actions with the operational teams under a continuous improvement perspective.
Preparation of quality reports.
Ongoing communication with Client providing quality level analysis and improvement proposals.

Safety and enviroment management

Ensure of legal, regulatory and Client's requirements compliance, within the scope of the Environment and Occupational Health & Safety.
Definition and implementation of safety procedures and safe working methods for prevention of accidents and work-related diseases, aiming at a "Zero Accident" target.
Investigation and communication of non-conformances, incidents and near misses, ensuring the implementation of preventive and corrective measures.
Conduct of environmental and safety audits, ensuring compliance with Client's requirements.